Professional Clerking


Norfolk Governance Network values the importance of professional clerking and the role clerks play in the governance in our schools in Norfolk. Clerks are invited to all NGN events and feedback from governing boards and clerks themselves is raised at our meetings. 

In his Foreword to the Clerking Competency Framework, Sir David Carter, Schools Commissioner, writes: 

“The Department for Education recognises the value of professional quality clerking to governing boards in maintained schools, academies and multi-academy trusts. As anyone who has experienced professional clerking will testify, it provides an invaluable contribution to the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and compliance of the governing board.

The Framework details specific knowledge, skills and behaviours for clerks, grouped under the following competencies:

  1. Understanding governance: understanding the board’s duties and responsibilities including governance legislation and procedures  
  2. Administration: ensuring that the processes and procedures of governance are administered efficiently
  3. Advice and guidance: Access to timely and accurate advice and guidance, or signposting to expert advice where appropriate
  4. People and relationships: ensuring that the board has accurate records of its people and their skills  

Where to find more information…

NGN is always keen to talk to clerks in Norfolk so get in touch or follow us on social media.