Welcome to all new and existing governors, trustees and governance professionals in Norfolk. Norfolk Governance Network knows just how important your role is in our schools and colleges. 

In the Governance Handbook the Department for Education state that the key features of effective governance is that ‘Boards must be ambitious for all children and young people and infused with a passion for education and a commitment to continuous school improvement that enables the best possible outcomes. Governance must be grounded in reality as defined by both high-quality objective data and a full understanding of the views and needs of pupils/students, staff, parents, carers and local communities. It should be driven by inquisitive, independent minds and through conversations focussed on the key strategic issues which are conducted with humility, good judgement, resilience and determination.’ 

Former National Schools Commissioner, Sir David Carter said that ‘Governors and trustees are the unsung heroes of the education system’.

We agree, yet we also know that governors needs support, skills and clear information to be effective, so in addition to all the valuable school/college and governance support you receive, we are offering a page of clear and key information and we are writing several new signposting pages on a range of key governance themes. Please get in touch if you feel that you could support with this work, or if you have an area of governance that you would like to suggest.

Governance Themes

Essential reading