NGN Meetings

County Committee

The County Committee is the engine room of NGN. It consists of representatives from schools and academies across Norfolk, some of whom are elected and some appointed. The Committee appoints the Chair, Vice Chairs and Treasurer. It has met three times this year.

County Committee agenda include review and discussion of key issues and challenges facing governors and trustees. The committee discussions inform the input and views that members contribute to other forums and boards. We were delighted to welcome to our March meeting Gillian Alcroft, Deputy Chief Executive of the National Governance Association (NGA) who talked to us about the current education policy landscape and shared NGA’s current plans and campaigns.

Structure Sub-Committee

The Structure-Sub-Committee is a composite of the County Committee’s officers and the chairs and vice chairs of the other three sub-committees (see below). It meets once between County Committee meetings and has posers powers to make decisions on behalf of the County Committee. It has met twice this year.

Communications Sub-Committee

The Communications Sub-Committee is responsible for organising NGN events, conferences and communications. Governor engagement is a continuing challenge, particularly with the increasing demands on their time that governors are experiencing in working with their schools.

NGN/Educator Solutions Governance & Leadership Services Liaison Sub-Committee

NGN members and ESGLS leaders meet regularly. The group is well established as the channel to communicate key operational and strategic issues affecting governors. The open and supportive exchanges of information and views make these meetings very effective.