Covid Updates

Update from Educator Solutions – 17th March 2020

Clearly the situation we currently find ourselves in is unprecedented and the landscape is changing continually, even daily.

We are receiving daily updates and await coordination via Norfolk County Council Corporate Board to give consistent messaging for all.  As a result we have some elements we wish to share with you to try and give some interim guidance until a formal view is formed.

Governing Board meetings – Currently, to reduce the risk associated with collective groups of people, we feel face to face meetings are not required. If formal approval of important documents is required, for instance new budget for financial year 20-21, our advice is to populate the budget detail together with commentary onto Governor Hub and ensure a robust process of questioning and review is undertaken, using the messaging board. Any ongoing non urgent items could be discussed at a later date, once we have some change in guidance.

Governing Board Virtual Meetings – We are developing guidance for both clerks and governing boards to enable them to hold virtual meetings, in conjunction with documents hosted on Governor Hub and using video/voice software agreed to be secure via NCC IMT. This guidance will be provided shortly, in order to give some resilience if the current situation is prolonged and schools are still required to operate.