Norfolk has now registered for GEL online training for school governors.  To sign-up go to and follow the "Register" instructions.

Here's the details from Norfolk Governor Services:
In order to supplement the training that Governor Services offers we have recently bought into Governors E-Learning, which is hosted through the
We recognise that some governors have difficulty in attending our central training courses, due to either work/personal commitments or the distance they would have to travel to our usual training venues. The online training provided by GEL will enable you to undertake appropriate training at your convenience at home or even during a governors’ meeting using the school’s IT facilities. There is a wide range of training courses available through the website, alongside other information that governors and governing bodies will find very useful. All the material is currently produced by Governor Services Coordinators from the eastern region (ERCOGS). Registration is simple. Click on the link above and follow the instructions provided. Governor Services will be asked to give you clearance as a current school governor.
The GEL front page mentions a free 30-day trial of GEL. This is no longer open to Norfolk governors as we have bought into the online training for all our maintained schools.

From April 2011, the site will be freely available only for those schools who subscribe to Governor Services.